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5.0 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

By Harvey W. on March 22, 2017
“This is Must Read Book !! Gold Hunters Lure Of The Superstitions By Lorenzo Rendon. Has all the Excitement, Suspense and adventure in what it takes to Hunt for lost and hiding Gold Treasure. The Author will capture your interest with Historical Awareness and Planning in what it takes to find Gold Treasure, along with the danger and death that comes with trying find the Gold. Brilliantly written and will done. H. Wing”

By CA on January 17, 2017
“A really, really great read! Fast paced and packed with some super interesting historical information. I was always kept guessing “what next?” because the story line is completely unpredictable and the characters are off beat but warm and humorous. Sometimes I just had to laugh out loud at the situations but at the same time I understood the serious aspects of the gold hunt. I am looking forward to the further adventures of this crew and was sorry that the book came to an end. Great read!”

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An Excerpt

?What happened??

?Well,? Sammy said, leaning forward, trying to choose his words carefully, ?they got scared.? He said in a hushed tone.

?Scared of what?? Nick asked, not sure what he was hearing.

?Ghost maybe. Who knows, Indian curses? It?s in the Superstition Mountains for Christ?s sake. Everybody around here believes in that shit. That?s why I wanted to meet you here. I know you can find it. If anyone can pull this off, you can. A guy like you, you aren?t going to get scared. You?re familiar with the desert.? Sammy continued as he sat back in his chair, smiling. ?You?re the perfect guy for something like this ?and you?ll be famous.?

?Let me get this straight,? Nick said. ?I?m just supposed to go wandering around the middle of the desert in the hottest time of the year, and find a lost treasure that nobody?s been able to find for over a hundred years. A treasure that may, or may not, be nothing more than a legend. And, overcome any Indian curses that may have been placed upon it. And get it all done in the next few months??

?Well, when you say it like that??

?You?re crazy.? Nick said.

?Just look at it.? Sammy pleaded.

?I?ll think about it.? Nick replied as he picked up the folder.

As Nick got up and walked out of the caf?, he suddenly remembered the strange dream he had the previous night. What did it mean, he wondered to himself? Could it be related to this deal?

About the Author

Lorenzo Rendon is a former United States Marine, and Alaska State Trooper.

He is a retired Sgt. with the Alaska Department of Corrections. For sixteen years he served as the Vice-President of the Alaska Correctional Officers Union. Also, he has done consulting work for the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes in Oklahoma. He has studied Martial Arts for many years. In his time in Alaska, he lived in a number of towns across the state, but has spent the majority of his time in Anchorage and Nome. Now he resides in Las Vegas. He ?enjoys camping in the mountains and snorkelling. Currently he works in Security on the Oilfields of Alaska?s Arctic North Slope.


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